Thank you, thank you for reserving almost an entire Sentinel [“Prayer for God’s creatures,” March 26] to the important topic of praying for animals. I have given this much thought over the years, and I’m so grateful for the growing recognition that all of God’s creatures need our love, protection, and prayers. These precious spiritual ideas give us so much in the form and example of unconditional love, loyalty, courage, energy, forgiveness, joy, beauty, that surely we can show our gratitude by defending them from harm. Animal abuse is still an ugly reminder that more work needs to be done by spiritual, compassionate thinkers to protect and defend God’s creatures in our prayers and actions. I’m so appreciative that our periodicals are reminding us of our opportunity to pray deeply for all in God’s family, including the animal kingdom.

Leslie Dill GondolfFrisco, Colorado, US

Drop the stereotypes
April 16, 2012

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