Our occasional series on how people have nurtured their public practice of Christian Science healing.

‘Go, and do thou likewise’

One day when I was about five years old, I was helping my mother prepare for a social event at our home. Apparently I was a tad over-zealous in my help, and as my mother later told me, she had a headache. When I inquired just one more time what I could do to help, she said, “Go, pray for me.” As the story goes, I took my miniature copies of the Bible and Science and Health, by Mary Baker Eddy, and went off by myself. I could not even read at the time, but I knew these books were important for my parents in turning to God for healing. I do not remember what I thought about, but as my mother related later, she was indeed healed.

My parents were both dedicated Christian Scientists. After a career as a dairy farmer, my dad had entered the full-time public practice of Christian Science and later became a Christian Science teacher. My mother also became a listed practitioner. As my siblings and I grew up, we learned to turn naturally to God to meet all our needs.

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September 26, 2011

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