Father, what is forgiveness?

A woman’s journey from severe abuse in her marriage to forgiveness and healing.

After sixteen years of severe verbal and physical abuse in my marriage, I had finally gotten the courage to pack a few things and flee from home. I went to live with my aunt about 100 miles away and a few months later my husband filed for divorce saying that it was just “good business” to be the one that filed. He begged me to return and said if I didn’t come home, he would destroy me. He spent many years trying to do just that. If it hadn’t been for the sheltering of my aunt, I probably would have returned, believing that everything, again, was my fault.

My past seemed to taint everything. I realized that I was always on the defensive, carrying a huge chip on my shoulder. I also realized that in order to break through the fear and defensiveness to spiritual understanding, I had to forgive my ex-husband. But how? This task seemed impossible. But I knew that in order to progress in my own spiritual journey and to break through to higher demonstrations of Christian Science healing, I must find a way to forgive him.

Breaking the chains of resentment
September 26, 2011

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