A quick healing of abdominal pain

I have always loved Christian Science and grew up watching the example of my parents, both of whom are students of Christian Science. As a boy, I saw my family experience many healings through prayer in Christian Science, and I was healed very quickly of problems such as a head injury, a burned hand, a dog bite, and bee stings, through the help of my parents and Christian Science practitioners. 

However, one of the most meaningful healings for me was one that occurred when I was about 12, where I prayed on my own. I was home alone after school one day a short time before my parents had returned home, when I felt a sharp burst of pain in my lower abdomen. It was quite intense and caused me to fall down to my knees. A pain that felt like a strong cramp continued and made it difficult to breathe. I recall not knowing exactly what to do, but remembered that my parents would always go to the Bible and Science and Health when they needed healing. I was able to get from the stairs to the nearest bedroom and reach for these books, but didn’t know what to look up. So I pulled another book off the shelf that I had seen my parents use—a Concordance, or searchable word index, to Mary Baker Eddy’s writings. 

Testimony of Healing
Quick healing of illness
April 25, 2011

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