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A few months ago, as I was pondering the Bible Notes by Janet Clements in the January 3 Sentinel on peace, I was basking in the Mother-Love.

A new perspective on progress

Progress can seem like a slippery idea, can’t it?

Tall tales

A military couple decided to send their five year-old son to Sunday School—he’d never been before.
Items of Interest
Head out on a tour of the castles of medieval Europe and you’ll quickly catch on to a castle’s three key features.
Sentinel Watch
Are we praying for infinite Spirit to give us material sustenance,
 or did Jesus mean something higher?
In the Christian Science Bible Lesson

God does not punish, but redeems

Transformation is the result of God’s unconditional love.

The blessing of forgiving

Real forgiveness can be difficult to reach–but it blesses us and others in so many ways.
We all have multiple opportunities to have
 our sharp edges smoothed by interactions
 with our fellow rocks!

Shine a healing light on it!

The Bible account of Moses leading the children of Israel out of bondage in Egypt can be viewed historically, metaphorically, or metaphysically.

Justice through reliance on prayer

In April 1984, Christian Science came into my life while I was working in a shoe factory in Kinshasa, and at the same time taking a religious course by correspondence to become a pastor.
In the News–A Spiritual Perspective
Understanding God's promise of care is a spiritual law, and we can join with the people of Japan in the great work of rebuilding and restoring their lives.
Focusing on the idea of freedom, prayer can refute the roller-coaster ride impression of liberty as a changing status.

Trustworthy government—present now

A first step to improving government in our cities and nations is to understand God's power and presence.
Excerpts from a live Sentinel Web chat with Marta Greenwood, C.S.B.

Making music

Flute competitions are more fun when God sets the pace.

Our prayers for the people in Japan

Sunday School students share how they prayed.
God’s all-encompassing love and direction of His beloved children
 can lead all people to their rightful home.
Testimony of Healing
Over the course of a few years, I felt pain in one or two fingers when bending them or putting pressure on them.
Testimony of Healing
I have always loved Christian Science and grew up watching the example of my parents, both of whom are students of Christian Science.
Testimony of Healing
One Sunday night, in December 2009, I realized that I’d had the sniffles and a scratchy throat for a couple of days.
From the Editors
When one looks deep into the heart of reality to find and obey Spirit, one discovers that this reality defines one’s own likeness—and it is good.

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