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Thank you so much for the wonderful Sentinel on “Forgiveness: what it means” [September 26].

Your career, your calling

Whether someone is trying to find a job in their chosen career, or feels stuck in a rut and is looking for career advancement, people all want to make the right career moves.
Items of Interest

No excuses in our work for God

The life of Moses is so large and significant that it’s hard to imagine that we have anything in common with him—until he opens his mouth.
Items of Interest
When a prominent group of American Muslim and Christian leaders returned to Washington [on September 19] after meeting with Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and top clerical leaders during a six-day visit to Iran, they expressed optimism that two American hikers would be released within a few days.
As companies evolve and industries shift gears, God-given qualities remain constant.

A career with no shelf life

Being laid off opens the way to an unexpected next step in a successful career path.
Over the years, two Bible commands help this man find the right work.
Just as the trees of the field were made by God, so each of us was made by Him to beautify and complement his creation.
In the News–A Spiritual Perspective

Prayer for people in the Horn of Africa

Spiritual understanding and love uplift our prayers for the victims of drought and famine in the Horn of Africa.
A scary amusement-park ride shows this author how to stand up to convincing suggestions of sickness or fear.

Who, me . . . ‘perfect’?

Is there a better way to think about image?

The flower and the sun

There once was a lonely flower.


Two girls tell about their quick healings.
The Clerk of The Mother Church  is pleased to announce changes to christianscience.

Keeping in touch

I decided to pray showers of Love, and witness to God’s presence right there.
You Can Be a Healer
Consistent daily prayer impelled my spiritual growth.
Sentinel Watch
The Christ that comes clothed in humility can reach those on both sides of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.
In the Christian Science Bible Lesson
When we seek to obey God’s laws in our daily walk, He supports, protects, and prospers us.
Testimony of Healing
While at work as a Christian Science nurse one evening I began to suddenly experience pain in a hip that escalated to not being able to walk with freedom or without pain.
Testimony of Healing

Immobility reversed

I remember being told that in healing, as in mathematics, we start with the appropriate rule and work outward, rather than becoming fearful about the problem itself.
Testimony of Healing

No more back pain

Last winter I was healed through Christian Science of a painful back condition that made it extremely difficult for me to lie down.
Testimony of Healing
An experience I had a little over two years ago taught me so much that I have since been able to use and rely on about the importance of an absolute trust in God’s ever-present loving care.
From the Editors

Divine Mind moves you

You can’t make a move without this law having purpose in your experience.

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