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“There’s nobody you know better than yourself. The ‘Dear Me’ blog series is a way to share today’s spiritual insights with a past you, or a future you. . . . It’s about being honest, real, and true to yourself. What would you share with a future or past you? What would you say to help the rest of us grow through similar experiences?”

Loving who you are

Back to beautiful

The reflection staring back doesn’t look like you at all. Where have you gone? You lean in under the stark white light, peering closer into your own watery eyes to see if you can find a semblance of the girl you know is hiding there. There she is, curled up in silence in the hazel-blue irises. Wanting to feel loved. Wanting to feel beautiful.

Remember how you let those tears cleanse you, wash away your old beliefs, and awaken you to the truth that every moment, you are born anew.

Oh my beautiful body!
January 10, 2011

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