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Hit it with a God thought!

During dinner one night, my tummy started to hurt. I didn't want to eat any more. All I wanted to do was go to bed. And it wasn't even bedtime yet. I crawled into bed, and Mommy came to sit with me. I was pretty unhappy because usually when I hurt, I'm pretty unhappy. I was sort of sad and scared, and I really wanted to get rid of this feeling. I knew unhappy thoughts were "garbage" thoughts.

Garbage thoughts are thoughts that tell you to do wrong things, or they tell you untrue things about yourself. And it's like they're bullies because they keep trying to get you in trouble. I know that to get rid of garbage thoughts, you have to hit them with a God thought.

God thoughts are good thoughts. They tell you the truth. They keep you from feeling bad and from doing something that isn't right. God thoughts make you happy God thoughts told me that I was good. I was safe. And I was not alone, because God was helping me.

June 22, 2009

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