Haven't we all met people who astound us because of their incredible talents and abilities? It can be inspiring to see them in action. And in the worlds of business, entertainment, and even sports, published lists encourage us to read all about the "Most Influential CEOs," "A-list Stars," and "Most Valuable Players." Personal accomplishments can often make people seem larger than life, even superhuman, in what they've been able to achieve. And it can be puzzling to try to figure out what makes someone else more adept or successful at something than we are. I've found, in my own life, comparisons have tended to magnify my weaknesses and lead to feelings of helplessness and discouragement. But when I pray for a more spiritual view, a transformation in my thought and experience takes place.

Recently, I found myself trapped in a cycle of comparing myself with others. I became well acquainted with a group of people who exhibited incredible talents and abilities, and I was frequently in awe of their accomplishments. Even though I was delighted to enjoy their company, it seemed I would never attain their level of accomplishment. Although I appreciated the fact that each one was reflecting God's goodness, I began to feel inadequate and second rate. Jealousy even started to creep into my thoughts.

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