WE ARE NOT WEAPONLESS . I remind myself of this each time a new headline screams of a missing child or young adult. Innocent children, loving parents, caring citizens, are not without resources. They are not without powerfully effective armament that can be brought to the front to recover the missing. They have the weaponry of prayer, the armament of spiritual understanding. And there is no discounting prayer's importance, as people of faith refuse to sink in a sea of despair, but instead campaign for the safe recovery of every child in need of rescue, and for the peace of mind of every distraught parent.

Consider this promise found in the Scriptures, given as God's own voice: "I will seek that which was lost, and bring again that which was driven away, and will bind up that which was broken, and will strengthen that which was sick" (Ezek. 34:16). For any parent seeking a missing child, what a powerful reinforcement! For any abducted child, bewildered and terrified, what a reassuring promise! God Himself is engaged in the seeking, in the finding, in the restoring, in the healing. Your task and mine is to awake to the realness of His promise. Then hope dawns. Fear, the enemy that threatens to make parents witless at the very moment their wits are most needed, diminishes. And every right endeavor for recovery gains the underpinning of spiritual intuition and spiritual discernment.

Testimony of Healing
April 10, 2006

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