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Philanthropy 101

IF YOU WONDER whether giving has a genuine transforming power,read on.


I often think of my desire to express my gratitude for the Letters page.
items of interest

items of interest

"'SUBJECTS like the origin of the universe, the origin of life, the nature of time,and the nature of consciousness are now firmly on the scientific agenda,' says Paul Davies, a proffesor of natural philosophy in the Australian Center for Astrobiology at Mac-quarie University in Sydney.

A giver 'delights in the giving'

There's nothing quite as rewarding as acting in the spirit of God, the "great Giver" of everything good.
The remarkable story of how one man has done so much for so many.
The date was April 4, 1975, and Bob Macauley, an ordinary middle-class person, was sitting in his living room in New Canaan, Connecticut, watching the images on TV of a plane crash halfway around the world.

The gift of a lifetime

A look at the example Senitel founder Mary Baker Eddy set in helping humankind.

lives transformed through giving

Five people tell how their donations of time, attention, resources, finances, and love have had a major impact on others—as well as on themselves.
The Public Information Director of Heifer International discusses some of the spiritual foundations for helping poor families through the gift of livestock.

MORE than just taking

When it comes to establish a successful relationship, nothing beats the gift of unconditional love.
The next in our continuing series on what church membership can do for you, your neighbor, and the world.
SPIRITUAL focus on books

George Washington Carver: A portrait in poems

Far back on a low shelf of my local big-name bookstore, Marilyn Nelson's Carver: a life in poems nevertheless caught my browsing eye.
Photography enables me to explore the outdoors with childlike eyes—eagerly seeking freshness and surprise.
During reporting assignments in several parts of the world, I have never lacked support from people willing to give.
Testimony of Healing

I didn't need to worry about the type of disease, its symptoms, or the course it would run, because my health was always grounded in God.

Testimony of Healing

Broken hand healed

One Sunday last October our son, who was living in a dormitory at his university, was out riding his racing bike.
Testimony of Healing
A friend of mine once told me about a time when she had loaded up her plate at a Thanksgiving feast and sat down to eat.
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FROM THE editors

All are philanthropists who love God. It's because we love God that we love humanity.

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