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An abundance of peace

The World's Need For Peace Has Never been greater than it is today.


I must let you know how much I and a number of my friends enjoyed "A letter from Austria" by Hanno Petersen in the Kids' Sentinel of October 6.
items of interest

items of interest

"As It Would Hardly Help drug sales, pharmaceutical companies don't publish unsuccessful trials, so University of Connecticut psychology professor Irving Kirsch and his co-authors used the Freedom of Information Act to extract the data from the FDA.

Prayer for PEACE in the new year

Six people give reasons for their faith in the supremacy of God's love to guide human affairs, and offer ways to promote greater goodwill in the world.

Prayer at home and in the world

A practitioner and teacher of Christian Science explains why prayer isn't a passive activity, but rather something that's vital, active, and beneficial to humanity.

'The work of God is PEACE'

Two men—one Muslim, one Jewish—search for peace as a way of life.

A smile and a welcome

The first in a new series that explores how Church is active in people's lives.
What's The Connection between a grateful state of mind and happiness?
"Forty-Seven years?

More positive movies?

Softly As a Footfall on new snow, an encouraging tendency is beginning to emerge.
Testimony of Healing

Health and healing: ours from God

The healings we publish are verified by individuals who can vouch for the testified or who know of the healing.
Testimony of Healing
About 15 years ago, I was under tremendous pressure at work, and started to experience panic attacks.
We invite readers to submit testimonies of healing for publication.
Learn more about the ideas in Science and health and how they can help you be who you want to be, improve the world around you, and find deeper meaning in life.
FROM THE editors
Along with the new year comes a feeling of opportunity and promise.

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