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I Happen To Prefer rocky shores to sandy beaches.


After having over 60 years' contact with Christian Science publications, today's reading of the June 30 Sentinel "Inspiration from the arts"] is the reason for this belated message of profound appreciation for all that they have meant to me.
items of interest

items of interest

"Buried Somewhere deep behind the chutes at the Calgary Stampede, there is a place where rodeo cowboys go to pray.

The earth moved ... BUT GOD DIDN'T

No matter how much unexpected events shake us out of our comfort-zones, divine help is always at hand and provides the spiritual foundation to ensure stability in any crisis.

It's worth the effort to find your peace

The author found inspiration and practical in the New Testament Beatitudes, which helped restore her calmness and joy in a difficult work situation.

Drought relief on the prairie

Running to escape the smoke and flames burning through a drought-dry prairie, Marian English stopped to realize that God—not fire—was governing the entire situation.
An abusive relationship can haunt a person for years, even after it has ended. When you begin to see your spiritual relationship with God, however, the bitter memories slip away.
A family of five takes off on an adventure to the other side of the world—sustained by prayer and the knowledge that God is present everywhere.

Girl Meets God

Author Lauren Winner is on a path of spiritual discovery. The Sentinel's Kim Shippey discusses her thoughts on Judaism, Christianity—and tattoos.


I like to assume that most people know I am a Christian, and when they see that I am sometimes joyful and sometimes peaceful when they are not, they will want to know my secret.
When acute and chronic pain wouldn't let up, this author discovered that the solution was as simple as finding her way back to the treatment she'd known all her life—prayer.

Borne upon wings

On single stanchion worn silver smoothby seasons' steady turning he pauses.
spiritual perspective on music

Songs of reverence and wonder

I Well Remember the journey three friends and I took last autumn to hear contemporary folk artist Peter Mayer for my first time.
Visit Any Newsstand, and you will see sports magazines touting their preview issues for the upcoming US college football season.

Truth's consequences

I found out something important about honesty early on in life.
Testimony of Healing

I've found that when God heals, you don't have to worry about things recurring.

Testimony of Healing

Boy healed of play injury

My son Mark was at his friend's house for a birthday party.
Right before I began studying Christian Science, I was really fit, exercising with the help of a personal trainer and eating all the "right" things.
Healing comes right along with spiritual growth when you're studying Christian Science.
At the 2003 Annual Meeting & Conference, Walter D.
In Mexico's Chiapas state, remnants of the Mayan people who once ruled the region are contending for land rights in an ecological preserve that represents nearly half of Mexico's remaining rainforest.

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