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The Maps in this issue take us down new highways of thought.


I have just read "Violence is no way forward" in the issue of May 12 about former terrorist Christine Hewicker.
items of interest

Items of interest

"Many secular therapists.
What started out for Scott Davis as a research trip to Syria to write a travel book became a spiritual journey in peacemaking.

They 'walked in PEACE with God'

When a group of 100 Congolese refugees was forced to walk over 600 miles across Zaire (now Democratic Republic of Congo), they had only one thing to rely on—prayer.

The Sadhu of Nairobi

The author's grandfather lived a life that set an example: It's a relief to shed the burdens of materiality and find one's "true self."
Noted author, physician, and spiritual explorer, Dr. Larry Dossey, comments on the increasing research on the effect of prayer in today's healthcare.
When work is scarce or layoffs loom, we can—like the proverbial prodigal son—go to God and hear His assurance: "All that I have is yours."

God's care for both of us

Facing a serious respiratory illness, the author turned to God with all her heart, and found that learning a lesson in humility resulted in an impressive healing.

African American spiritual journeys

From the earliest days of slavery in the United States—through the Civil War, Jim Crow laws in the South, marches and demonstrations to achieve full civil rights, through the rise of black Christian churches, the Nation of Islam, and a recovering of ancestral religions such as al-Islam and Yoruba—African Americans have been sustained and strengthened during the last 300 years by an unwavering faith in God.

Room for understanding

I Felt Forlorn.

Is it right to forgive?

Brooklyn, New York, is an enormous religious melting pot, and a couple of weeks ago, I went to hear an interfaith panel discuss the subject of prayer.
Testimony of Healing

A one–word prayer: 'No!'

God is good, and He has created my identity as a reflection of His goodness.

Testimony of Healing

Prayer aids pregnancy, childbirth

Every aspect of our lives depends only on God.
Testimony of Healing

Trust in God brings resources

Our house needed some new windows.
Healing comes right along with spiritual growth when you're studying Christian Science.
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The world, as we know, is getting smaller.

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