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It was solitude in a raw, pure form—midnight guard duty at one of Fort Hood's 1st Cavalry Division motor pools.


Among other things in my unpayable debt of gratitude to God is my joy in being able to read the articles in the publications which come from The Christian Science Publishing Society.
items of interest

items of interest

"PSYCHIATRISTS SHOULD BE FORMALLY TRAINED in religion and spirituality to be better equipped to treat patients who find comfort and healing through religion, says a study published in the Canadian Journal of Psychiatry.
The more you identify yourself the way God does, the easier it is to feel His care.

'Violence is no way forward'

The discovery of God's presence with her brought Christine Hewicker out of neo–Nazi terrorist activity, prison, depression, and insecurity, giving her a new life with a peaceful purpose.

Getting back on track

The months following graduation can seem full of opportunity and risk, freedom and responsibility, excitement and anxiety. Here's how one person asked God for direction.
When bullets were whizzing past him at close range, God's "seamless armor" was even closer.

No longer a foreigner

The prayer of one caring schoolteacher brought the transforming power of love into the classroom.

PRAYER during an epidemic

The ultimate protection from contagion and the fear that goes with it comes from improving the quality and condition of one's thoughts.

Making an entrance

An on–stage portrait of the Austrian actress Lilia Skala.

Watching and praying

I once asked a group of friends what were some of the destructive thoughts they found they needed to guard against in these precarious times.
Testimony of Healing

Back injury healed quickly

I never doubted that God was in control of the situation, including my body.

Testimony of Healing
I began experiencing a disorder in my digestive functions.

Secure I.D.

The title of a painting by the French symbolist Paul Gauguin asks, "Where do we come from?

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