The concept of the Brick Project was inspired in part by a book called The Cathedral Within, by Bill Shore. He writes: "Cathedral building required sharing strength on a scale never seen before or perhaps since. When construction commenced on the Milan cathedral, craftsmen came from across Europe—stonecutters, sculptors, mastermasons, blacksmiths, and carpenters—and cooperated to an unprecedented degree. While nobles made large financial donations, contributions came from all citizens, sharing whatever their strengths happened to be. Weavers, bakers, butchers, tanners, millers, and fishermen took turns donating their services, without salary, as did physicians and apothecaries. It is said the vicar worked in the stone yard. Groups of young women dressed in white went through town and countryside collecting offerings.

"Somehow, it had been communicated and understood that it wasn't just that building a truly great cathedral would require everyone to share their strength, but rather that everyone sharing their strength would result in a truly great cathedral."—M. J.

Sacred music hits a high note
January 6, 2003

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