I greatly appreciate the openness and outreach expressed by including articles by and about people of different faiths. It shows an understanding of the omni-activity of Christ, Truth—that it can be seen everywhere in our society. It's refreshing to recognize that truth and inspiration are not confined in one small corner of spiritual pursuit, and to know that our love should not be, either.

However, I think it's essential that the statements in all articles still point to truth. While I loved the warmth and love of Mimi Doe's article (May 13) and the beautiful photographs, the use of the word endorphins implies joy is essentially chemical. Such a statement could lead to a line of inquiry that would take the seeker away from spiritual truth. I think it should be made clear that there is no relation between joy and endorphins, and that happiness is never a chemical phenomenon. Thanks again for all your good work.

items of interest
items of interest
June 17, 2002

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