Mother and son healed through prayer

I was hanging out the wash and grumbling to myself, not really paying attention to the task at hand. A towel I was hanging snapped the two clothesline wires toward my face, slamming a clothespin into my eye. I immediately declared aloud, "I am all right." This thought calmed me and helped me focus on what was true about me, even though my eye hurt a lot. I knew that nothing could change my real perfection as God's child. The pain subsided immediately.

I wasn't seeing well out of the eye, and I assumed that my contact lens had popped out with impact. On finding a piece of my lens in the grass. I thought that I had inadvertently stepped on it. I finished hanging the wash (now being more humble and without resentment), calmly knowing that God's good could never leave and never had left me, not even when the clothespin hit. When I entered the house, I felt that something was still wrong, and realized that the lens had broken into many pieces in my eye. A small rush of fear gave way to overwhelming gratitude and awe that my eye hadn't been cut. I felt confident that all was well.

Testimony of Healing
Prayer eliminates painful effects of a serious fall
July 3, 2000

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