Turning failure to success

Needed: spiritual training

Rejection. I am getting nowhere. No one seems to care anymore. Why did I take this job? No one wants my services. I think I'll just quit; I can't take this. All the work I've put into this, and for what? Nothing. Not even a glimmer of interest. I feel like going home!

When I was a novice real estate salesman, those were my thoughts on many days. However, before I started the job, I had had some training. And the training is what carried me through difficult times. Even though the discouraging comments didn't seem to diminish after a few months, my negative reaction to them did. A few small sales occurred in between the negatives. Those few sales and my training encouraged me enough so that my thought became insulated from taking in negative thoughts. Soon the rejections didn't bother me at all, and it didn't matter how many I received in one day, because something good would always result from my contacts. I was able to take the rejections in stride as merely a routine part of the job.

The jar of spiders
October 25, 1999

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