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To Our Readers

People Who See possibilities where others may not are a breath of fresh air.


I have only one student in my Sunday School class who attends regularly.
items of interest

items of interest

Searching For Meaning and dissatisfied with simply receiving a bigger paycheck, executives around the country are turning to religion classes, including opportunities to study the Bible or the Torah.

Spiritual healing—you have what it takes

Interest in spiritual healing is increasing. The results are substantial: serious illnesses healed, shattered relationships restored, hope renewed. But how? And can it work for you? Find out what it takes to heal through prayer.


In about 1961, a friend of mine faced many problems that were similar to mine.
A college student showed little ability to understand mathematics. But her prayers turned the whole picture around.

Who are your heroes?

Everyone loves a hero—someone to admire and emulate. The Bible offers several inspiring figures. Then we have the greatest example—Christ Jesus, the Master and Saviour.

Did I miss something?

Jesus of Nazareth spoke last weekOn a hillside out in the country.
Ever find yourself congratulating others on their good fortune while secretly envying them? Here's a way to feel genuinely happy for—and included in—others' blessings.

Conflict resolution

Faced with a group of fellow employees at a deadlock in their discussion, the author turns to God for guidance. Soon after, a winning solution surfaces.
Ready to forgive, ready for peace

Armed and ready

Find out what Michael and his mother have in common with David, who killed Goliath with a single stone.

Dear Sentinel

One day my brother Gabe was sick when I came home from school.
Testimony of Healing

I thought I didn't know enough about God to be healed.

Testimony of Healing

Severed finger restored

When the old bandage was removed, the finger was found to be totally reattached.

Testimony of Healing

Two Christian Science practitioners took turns praying around the clock for me.

Testimony of Healing

Knee injury conquered

I knew that the healing process involves purifying and regenerating oneself.


I began to see what God had been seeing all along—progress, direction, continutiy, perfection. This was the turning



Q I would like to know how the Christian Science Church feels about a woman's right to choose abortion.

No wilderness so desolate

"God's love covers all the earth...."

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