Protection during a collision

During one summer vacation while I was attending high school, a friend and I had made plans to raft down a river that runs through our community. As I pedaled my bicycle along a busy road to meet him for this trip, I stopped at a traffic light at a major cross street. When the light turned green, I proceeded. A motorist who hadn't seen the stoplight struck me with considerable impact. The collision threw me some distance off the bicycle onto the roadway and in front of an oncoming car. What I found most astonishing, looking back on this experience later, was the fact that at no time was I afraid, nor did I have any expectation of injury. What came very strongly, allowing no other thoughts, was a refusal to believe that this car could have any power to hurt God's child. There was no doubt of this in my thought. What was happening was a natural and firm denial of a material law and the embracing of God's ever-active law of harmony.

Testimony of Healing
Bowel functions restored
January 12, 1998

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