Love the hate away

I HAD just moved to a new city. I had never felt I was very outgoing, so I was worried about making friends. Everyone seemed really nice at my new school, and I became friends with Anna. We were both in a club together and played the viola in the school orchestra. All of eighth grade was fine, and I began to feel I fitted in.

Along came high school. I was petrified of the first day of school. As it turned out, it wasn't so bad. I began to make more friends from other middle schools and to be comfortable in general. But Anna became distant. I had been put in the higher orchestra, and she resented that. I was also spending more time with other friends of ours.

I didn't think anything was wrong until I received some unsigned hate letters. The letters were put in my locker. When I got my books before school, the notes fell out. I was shocked at their contents. They said things such as: "I hate you," "Stay away from me," and "You are disgusting." At first, I didn't know what to think. Then when I recognized Anna's handwriting, I got mad. What had I done to her to deserve this hate?

Ready to heal
September 1, 1997

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