Doing what's right feels good

If you ever want to feel really good, forget the expensive vacations, shopping sprees, or fancy food. Instead, take a look at what comes from God, Spirit. Take it in, buy it, eat it up—live it!

Take promptness, for example. It may sound like only a word, but when we put it into practice, it's full of satisfaction. To respect promptness makes us feel good. To be where we need to be, when we need to be there, has a lot to do with knowing that we are God's image and likeness, that we are reflecting divine Love by doing what's right. Also, a natural high is felt when we accept that the nature of God is reflected by our neighbor as well.

Christ Jesus always pointed to loving God and doing God's will as a source of pleasure. Jesus was definitely prompt. At one point he was asked by a dad to come heal his daughter, who was at the point of death. On the way to the man's home, it appeared that Jesus was in no hurry; he even took the time to stop and help another woman, healing her of a long-standing hemorrhage (see Mark 5:22-43).

October 27, 1997

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