Can one individual really make a difference in the election process?

This is a year of major elections in many countries, including India, Israel, and Russia, and soon in the United States. As the American presidential election season goes into overdrive, what with political conventions, increased media coverage, and campaign advertising, there may be an important issue lurking in the thoughts of many people. Posed as a question, this issue might be framed as "How can one individual have any good and meaningful influence on the quality and effectiveness of our elected officials?"

Professional lobbying groups of one kind or another are specifically designed to influence elected officials through their endorsement of candidates for public office, but there is another method anyone can use to help establish better government, whether a member of a political group or not. It's called prayer. This prayer is dynamic. It has real power. And real authority is exercised by those who practice it. The only prerequisite is pure motives that genuinely seek to glorify God, to do His will, and to bless everyone as a result.

Choices. Issues. How do you know what's right?
August 5, 1996

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