Married? Single? Either way you are complete

You've always been complete. You didn't become complete on your wedding day if you are married, nor are you missing a masculine or feminine half if you are single. As the child of God, you include the qualities of both manhood and womanhood. Wholeness is not something you acquire or something you can lose.

We find authority for our completeness in Genesis, chapter 1. There we read that God created man in His own image, male and female, with dominion. There is no mention of a waiting period before man becomes complete. Neither is there noted a time when man becomes incomplete, or desolate. In absolute fact, there is never a moment when you—that is, the spiritual offspring of God—will be more complete, more whole, than you are right now. In reality, there was never a time when you were more perfect than you are this very moment.

February 13, 1995

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