Where can we find Christ?

In the Bible, Luke relates the story of Zacchaeus, a dishonest tax collector who felt the transforming influence of Christ Jesus' love (see Luke 19:2–10). Zacchaeus wasn't very tall, but had such a strong desire to see Jesus he climbed a sycamore tree to lift himself above the crowds. He not only saw the Master but was invited to play host to Jesus in his own home. His desire to seek out the goodness that Jesus represented was rewarded.

Today we, too, may feel a longing to seek out the goodness expressed in the Saviour's life and to be reformed by it. Well, we can! The saving spirit of divine Love that Jesus evidenced so fully—the Christ, the spiritual idea of God—is as present as ever, delivering God's message of salvation and healing. It takes a desire to seek the living Christ as sincere, though, as Zacchaeus's desire to see its highest exponent, Jesus. We can find the Christ wherever we are, by yielding up material beliefs regarding God and man and their resulting practices.

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January 9, 1995

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