Having spent thirty-five years relying on medicine, I found...

Having spent thirty-five years relying on medicine, I found the idea of trusting one's health exclusively to prayer to be very frightening. I simply couldn't believe physical problems could be cured through prayer. Moreover, I couldn't understand why prayer and medicine couldn't be used hand in hand. After all, I thought, both methods are intended to help the patient.

I was first introduced to Christian Science when I met my husband. I attended church on a semiregular basis and studied the weekly Bible Lesson occasionally. Actually, I found that the more I read, the more frustrated I felt. I considered myself an intelligent person, so I wondered why I was having such difficulty in understanding what I was reading. Other people seemed to benefit so much by applying the teachings of Christian Science in their lives. In spite of feeling discouraged, I continued attending church and reading the Lesson.

Testimony of Healing
As in the past, appreciation for countless proofs of God's...
June 20, 1994

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