Disobedient or obedient?

Do you know how much mischief has been caused by the widely held belief that man is naturally sinful, disobedient? This notion, uncorrected, would poison our relationship with God. We begin to think of Him as a stern judge, a punisher, a being to be feared rather than loved and revered. It jeopardizes our health, for the body is no longer expected to be obedient and responsive to God, divine Mind. We pray uncertainly, not knowing if an illness is a divine punishment or if God is interested in helping or able to intervene on our behalf. Misbehavior, rebellion, and criminality are let loose. Once one accepts the premise of Adam's original disobedience, as though it represented the true history of man, the consciousness of God's omnipotence is lost and human experience reaps the resulting sorrow.

Jesus began his mission, however, by declaring to the people that they were not expelled from the kingdom of God; he declared that they were in the midst of the kingdom, in the presence of God at that very moment. His words continue to demand our attention today. In the third chapter of Genesis, disobedience, mortality, a lack of faithfulness, represented by Adam and Eve, were driven out of the presence of God. But man, God's eternal likeness, has never left his Father's kingdom.

Guarding against unseen danger
June 20, 1994

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