I used to be part of an active drama group—we entertained...

I used to be part of an active drama group—we entertained people for over four years. Then jealousy, misunderstandings, cruelty, and spiteful competition set in. There appeared to be no one in the group untouched by these things.

One day after a heated encounter, I saw one member put a cigarette in her mouth. I found myself saying, "Give me one of those." As we talked and smoked, my friend related to me all the "benefits" of smoking. Thus began my experience in smoking. The habit kept on for three or four years and became more addictive. I even started smoking at home when my mother would work late. Once she came home early when I was smoking in bed, and she asked me who had been smoking. I told her the plumber had. Two or three days later she reminded me that the plumber had been there two weeks before. Then she said in a kind but firm way, "Sin is like this—if you lie, then it will cause you to steal; then it will cause you to cheat; then kill." Those words were very strong. I surely didn't want to do any of those things.

Testimony of Healing
One day a financial broker notified me that certain bonds...
August 30, 1993

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