What can God not do? All my life I have had many wonderful...

What can God not do? All my life I have had many wonderful proofs of God's constant care in every aspect of my life. I have had healings of physical problems such as earaches, swollen knees, flu symptoms; also of human relation problems and difficulties at work. Here I will share two healings that have been particularly inspiring to me.

One night quite a while ago I was staying over my shift at work to supervise a test. A friend was working second shift, and after the test I talked him into leaving early to play basketball. Since my car was in the shop, we rode together in his new sports car. It was a dark night with drizzling rain, and as he drove around a sharp turn he went slightly outside of our lane. When another car came around the turn straight at us, there was nowhere to go on the road, and my friend was forced to turn to the left, taking us over a seventy-foot embankment and into a ravine. The last thing I remembered was trees—with trunks three to four inches in diameter—breaking off in front of us as we went down the embankment.

Testimony of Healing
About a year ago, when I picked up my son from the baby...
August 9, 1993

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