Having loved and studied Christian Science for over fifty...

Having loved and studied Christian Science for over fifty years, I have come to rely on it for all my needs. When traveling, for instance, I have found that genuine smiles, gratitude, and kind words transcend language barriers and are usually returned in like manner. I have had many opportunities to put into practice the truth of this line from the Lord's Prayer: "And forgive us our debts, as we forgive our debtors." Mary Baker Eddy spiritually interpreted this: "And Love is reflected in love. ..."

One specific proof of this arose not long ago when I took a work-related trip to a country that has been in great turmoil. Since we had been forewarned to be cautious and to guard our money, I wore a money belt around my waist, under my skirt or slacks. One morning when our group of seven left our hotel, a legless man came wheeling through the crowd on a board, directly toward me; he patted me on the stomach right over my money belt. I was momentarily frightened, as he had a menacing look on his face. We hurried toward a waiting limousine. But before I could get in, I felt a severe blow to the small of my back. The man had followed me and struck me with the wood block he used to propel himself on the board. For a moment there was excruciating pain. With help I managed to get into the car. As I looked out at the man from the limousine, all I could feel for him was a deep sense of compassion. Suddenly those words "And Love is reflected in love" came to me, and I forgave that man completely.

Testimony of Healing
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April 19, 1993

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