Why not turn to God?

God's love isn't limited to helping us only when we face big problems.

Sometimes people take the thought of "turning to God" so seriously that instead of experiencing the benefit of His guidance in everyday life, they wait for a situation they consider sufficiently grim and desperate to warrant God's attention. The fact remains, however, that God is an ever-present source of help which is always available, and we realize this just as soon as we put pride, fear, or ignorance aside. From the standpoint of infinite Love, there is certainly nothing too hard for Him. Nor is anything too easy or too trivial for Him, either.

The Bible is filled with assurances of God's love for His creation in general, and especially for His idea, or expression, man. Both the Old and the New Testaments resound with exhortations to seek His help in daily experience. Some people do this seeking occasionally, when conventional human ways and means fail and an "extra boost" seems needed. Others, however—like the Biblical prophets and apostles and, most especially, Christ Jesus—live in a constant state of turning to God. For them, it would seem that turning isn't motion so much as it is a habitual posture, based upon an acknowledgment of man's oneness with God.

"God is All-in-all" to me
August 24, 1992

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