Finding our true value

God's love for us is a fact that doesn't change. This great love proves how much we're really worth.

Sometimes we go through experiences that wear us down and leave us feeling unappreciated. I once went through a period when I felt burdened by life. I'd been going through a series of difficult personal and professional experiences that had left me feeling discouraged. One of the ways this unhappiness showed itself was that I put on a lot of weight. My eating habits were erratic, and I felt exhausted much of the time. It took a few years for me to gain complete freedom from this trouble, but through a sustained effort to understand better my relationship with God, I did find renewed joy.

I felt that what I most needed was a clearer sense of who and what I really was. I wanted a secure feeling of identity that came from within and wasn't dependent on events and opinions. Rather than measure my value according to my relationship with others—as my mother's daughter, someone's romantic partner, someone's best friend or rival—or according to career goals, I wanted to find a measure that was independent of human vagaries and social and economic trends. I was looking for a consistent, dependable foundation on which I could base my sense of identity. I turned to Christian Science to find that foundation.

Why not turn to God?
August 24, 1992

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