Growing up in the 90s

There's always a way

In an emergency when something has to be done right away, a high-school girl finds prayer to be the most effective action.

When I was a freshman in high school, I went with my best friend, Lori, and her parents to a lake. On the second day, I realized more fully than ever before that the power of God is always present, no matter what the situation may look like.

We went out in a motorboat, and while Lori was waterskiing, I was sitting securely in the bow seat, loving the feel of the wind and the spray. Suddenly the boat hit a logjam under the water. The impact threw me out over the front of the boat into the water, and then the boat moved over me. I was confused at first as to what had happened and then realized that the boat was wedged on top of me, and I was trapped underwater.

Staying with what is spiritually essential
August 19, 1991

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