In Africa, Latin America, the Middle East, Australia, Canada, Europe, and Asia, shortwave radio broadcasts based on the television program The Herald of Christian Science are reaching a large audience. We thought that Sentinel readers might enjoy reading adaptations from some of these radio programs.

The Herald Broadcast

Feeding the world's hunger

Beulah Roegge: Welcome to The Herald of Christian Science. I'm Bea Roegge. We're calling our program today "Feeding the world's hunger." We have with us James Nelson Goodsell, the editor-anchor of El Monitor de Hoy. Jim, what's being done about hunger in Latin America?

James Nelson Goodsell: I think governments are slowly moving toward trying to find ways to distribute food more effectively. South America has enough available land to produce all the food the area needs. It's a question of doing it and getting that food to the people who need it.

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August 19, 1991

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