God's guidance, God's purpose

If we're looking for guidance, a perception of God's purpose for us can help show us the way.

When people seek God's guidance, there's already a degree of trust in place, a feeling that God is an intelligent presence who cares about our well-being. Yet sometimes this trust may be mixed with doubt and questions about whether our prayers will be answered.

In my own experience I've noticed that there's a big difference in the confidence level between situations in which I've sought God's guidance for what I perceived to be purposes of my own, and situations in which I've sought God's help and guidance in order to fulfill His purpose. Even if our own purpose is basically good, there are sometimes so many factors that might get in the way of fulfilling it, we may feel too overwhelmed to have much confidence about asking for God's help.

Yet surely from God's point of view, there's nothing that opposes His power and purpose. As we better grasp the unopposable nature of God and strive to yield to His purpose—to do His will—we'll more readily discern and trust His guidance.

June 17, 1991

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