Healing means waking up to Truth

Material existence is not the solid reality it appears to be. It's more like a dream we wake up from as we come to know our life in God.

Occasionally , I have dreamed that someone is prowling around inside my house in the middle of the night. In my dream, I recognize that I am asleep and that I must wake up, get out of bed, and deal with the intruder. This has resulted in a struggle to waken myself, which usually meets with success as I sit straight up in bed. Upon wakening, however, I find that, although part of the dream was real, in that I had been asleep, the other part concerning the intruder in unreal. Because of my fuller awareness, I know this fact instinctively and do not even bother to get up and search the house.

I pondered this experience recently, because the waking up reminded me of a conversation that I once had with an acquaintance concerning Christian Science. She said that she had tried Christian Science on one occasion, but found that she couldn't demonstrate the healing power of this religion. She said that since she was unable to hypnotize herself, the healing did not take place!

My reply to her was that she was confused in her concept of Science. Actually, Christian Science is the very antipode of hypnosis. Christian Scientists do not try to hypnotize themselves into a dreamlike state of consciousness, wherein they believe they don't have some illness or disease. Just the opposite. Through prayer they seek to awaken themselves out of the dreamlike belief of life in matter, which permeates world thought and is the source of disease and suffering. The belief that reality is material rather that spiritual is what makes mortality, sin, and disease seem to be a natural part of man's existence.

April 8, 1991

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