How we can pop the bubble

Even when problems seem to have us surrounded or trapped, the way out is near at hand.

Recently I heard a professional storyteller tell a story of a bubble and a king. Briefly, the story relates that there once was a giant, beautiful bubble. All the townspeople were astonished at its grandeur. When the king came, however, he called the bubble "trouble." Immediately the bubble engulfed the king, and he couldn't get out. His three knights used their fearsome weapons to try to pop the bubble, but to no avail.

At last a little girl saw the bubble and walked up to see its grandeur and beauty. The townspeople warned that the bubble was "trouble" —the king had said so! But the little girl was not deceived by what others thought or feared. She replied to the townspeople, "It's a bubble, and if you treat it like a bubble, it will act like a bubble." She then touched the giant, beautiful bubble very softly—and it popped!

Somewhere in you
September 3, 1990

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