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From the Editors

Dear Reader

This week's Sentinel touches on a concern that is increasingly up front in today's media—drug abuse.
In one of Christ Jesus' parables, a father refuses to lose his son to the world, and so his son is able to find the way back to the love that has always been his. This author tells of a real-life son's return from drugs and alienation.
Excerpts from a broadcast of The Herald of Christian Science
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Freeing life from anxiety

To stop being afraid—that must be an almost universal prayer. And the power of ever-present divine Love does answer that prayer.

Go straight for the goal

We're accustomed to thinking of goals as something way out there. The goal of spiritual understanding is to discover what is really right at hand.

God's man is always intact

The writer found a deeper sense of healing as he leaned on God as the only power.

Second Thought


FROM THE Directors

The special relationship of Church to community is never so clear as when people find themselves victims of some disaster.

A different kind of learning

Obviously education is essential to progress, for both individuals and society. And the vital significance of a spiritual education shouldn't be overlooked.

The filly who liked caps

Most of you have heard of The Cat in the Hat by Dr.
Testimony of Healing
A Couple of years ago when I was dancing in a ballet company, I injured both ankles.
Testimony of Healing
Just prior to a trip, my husband and I pray specifically about the journey.
Testimony of Healing
Since I was raised in Christian Science, I have had many healings, including those of colds, flu, bronchitis, bee stings, an injured toe, and academic challenges.
Testimony of Healing
The words Christian Science first came to my attention when I was in my early teens.
Testimony of Healing
The time for final examinations at my university was approaching.

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