Redemption and healing—inseparable in Christian Science

Healing is the natural outcome of spiritual progress—in fact, it's inevitable.

Healing is a powerful force for spiritual progress in Christian churches. Many people are turning to prayer to find release from crippling and painful physical conditions. They are discovering that healing can be as much a part of religious worship today as when Jesus preached and healed.

Since its discovery over a century ago by Mrs. Eddy, Christian Science has espoused healing as the natural outcome of spiritual redemption. Bringing new light to the teachings of Christ Jesus as recorded in the New Testament, this Science points to the fact that release from physical ills is the inevitable result of one's growing understanding that as the child of God, man is wholly spiritual, the image of Spirit. Discussing what it is that heals, Mrs. Eddy writes in Science and Health, "In healing the sick and sinning, Jesus elaborated the fact that the healing effect followed the understanding of the divine Principle and of the Christ-spirit which governed the corporeal Jesus." Science and Health, p. 141. Striving to learn more of God as divine Principle and of man as the expression of this Principle, the student of Christian Science discovers that his progress in this direction carries with it vast improvements in every facet of his life, including his health.

February 29, 1988

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