Faith and gratitude: twin factors in healing

Most of us, at times, have felt that our faith in the power of God falls far short of the challenge we face. Perhaps there are other times when we're quite sure of God, but not so sure of ourselves—of our own ability to demonstrate good in our lives. A way to evoke more faith, no matter what the problem may be, is to have more gratitude.

When you think of it, faith and gratitude are twins. Not identical twins, to be sure. But they do come from the same conception, and one follows close upon the heels of the other. The first just naturally prepares the way for the second. If faith emerges first, that is, if one is already demonstrating the kind of faith that's based on spiritual understanding (or born of the Spirit, so to speak), gratitude comes easily. It may not be so generally understood, however, that the reverse is also true—that gratitude eases the way for faith.

A psalm of thanksgiving
August 25, 1986

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