The Bible: our link to each other

When strangers break the silence by sharing from the Scriptures, even a taxicab can become a holy place.

During National Bible Week last year, Observed annually in the United States during Thanksgiving week. I was doing a lot of thinking about humanity's common friend, the Bible. As I prayed about the Christian Science Society where I am a member and about its relationship to the community, I realized the one great link all Christians have to each other is the Bible. Even with the various translations, interpretations, sects, the Bible is still the Bible. I was feeling such a kinship with all mankind!

At that same time I happened to be called to go out of town. Upon my arrival at my destination, I took a cab from the airport to the city. There were three other passengers on the long drive into town. Of course, we didn't know one another, and after a lengthy silence, the driver, in an effort to make conversation, began telling a story.

The Bible's prayer-shaping powers
November 24, 1986

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