A query and an answer

How many of us at some time have asked the question "Why me?" and then added these justifications: "I lead a good life. I help other people. I pray to God each night. I study the Bible Lesson In the Christian Science Quarterly . each day. I go to church on Sunday. So, God, why me?"

I asked the question of a Christian Science practitioner while I was carrying my first child. I had been able to eat very little for several months and had lost a lot of weight. Great concern was being expressed about the baby and about my ability to have the child. It was a particularly desperate morning when the practitioner came to visit me, and I will never forget his answer to my plaint: "Why me? I've been through Sunday School, I go to church, I obey God." He threw back his head and laughed. I didn't appreciate the joke. But then he said, "Why, blessings in the wilderness."

My eyes were opened. Instead of being sorry for myself, feeling rejected, dejected, and resentful, I should have been looking for those blessings in the wilderness that the children of Israel had found so many years ago.

Immediate response
May 14, 1984

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