Christian Science has been a blessing in meeting...

Christian Science has been a blessing in meeting the needs and challenges of raising three children. One of our sons, at age twelve, was healed of wearing eyeglasses. After he told me that he couldn't see the writing on the blackboard at school, I took him to an eye doctor to be fitted with glasses. At the same time I told our son that the glasses were only a temporary help. I began to pray for him daily, and every day we read from the Bible Lesson, found in the Christian Science Quarterly, together. As a result of this prayer and study, our son came to acknowledge that true sight is perfect because it comes from God.

Six weeks after we had begun our prayerful work together, the boy could no longer see with his glasses on. We returned to the eye doctor thinking that he needed to begin wearing a weaker pair. The doctor reexamined him and was astounded to find that the child didn't need glasses at all. Seven years have passed since that time, and our son has had no difficulty whatever with his vision. He recently took a physical examination to enter a trade school, and both eyes were recorded as twenty-twenty.

February 27, 1984

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