Beating swords into plowshares

One day I was walking through a park in a large city when two men coming toward me began arguing heatedly and exchanging blows. I immediately turned my thought to God, mentally declaring that man is spiritual and reflects his creator, the one Mind, God. As I clung to God's allness and goodness, the human scene changed sharply. The argument stopped, and the men walked quietly together.

A few years later I had a similar experience. As I was standing in front of the building where I was working as a volunteer, I noticed a group of men about a quarter of a block away. Suddenly a fight broke out between two of them. As they tore into each other, they moved nearer and nearer. Again I prayed to see God's perfect, spiritual man and creation, and to know that divine Love was governing. The fighting stopped, and the two combatants walked arm in arm back to the group.

Love frees us from faultfinding
February 6, 1984

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