Overcoming the barriers of prejudice

Preconceptions and limiting opinions about those of another race, religion, ethnic background, or sex seem to have deep roots in mankind's thinking, spanning centuries of human history. Most of us may not have been personally involved in the more overt and violent expressions of prejudice, but millions of people in the world have. And there are the more subtle forms of prejudice, which in unseen ways help germinate and perpetuate the harsher forms. These very often go unrecognized or are rationalized.

Clearly, though, the Bible, spiritually understood, gives no sanction for even the subtlest prejudice. The Bible chronicles the progress humanity has made (painfully at times) as it has gradually grown in its understanding and practice of the moral and spiritual law. But how slow this progress sometimes seems to be! And how often humanity repeats its old mistakes. Yet the understanding of God as divine Love and of man as His image and likeness, His beloved child, is dawning in human consciousness.

"What are your politics?"
October 29, 1984

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