Letter and spirit: a healing partnership

A dictionary defines "letter" as "the literal meaning of something: the letter of the law," and "spirit" as "the real sense or significance of something: the spirit of the law." When it comes to religion, does the letter conflict with or hinder the spirit? Not when both are truly derived from divine Spirit, God, and when an individual's life bears balanced witness to both.

Individuals who maintain in their lives a balance of letter and spirit find a happy blending of stability and adaptability. But when Christ Jesus came, people had become so overbalanced with dogma and traditions that many had lost sight of the actual letter and spirit of God's law. Cruel rigidity prevailed. For instance, the commandment "Remember the sabbath day, to keep it holy" Ex. 20:8 had become so hedged about with literal regulations that the Pharisees condemned Jesus' healing work on the Sabbath as unlawful. See John 5:16 .

Testimony of Healing
I am most grateful to look back on a healing...
October 29, 1984

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