Give place to Truth

It is as demonstrable today as it was in Jesus' day that error has no choice but to yield to Truth, God, and His Christ. We experience visible, tangible evidence of the power of God and the authority of man commensurate with our spiritual growth. Our past experiences serve to fertilize that growth, when expressing our true selfhood forces error to give place. Mary Baker Eddy explains: "From the falling leaves of old-time faiths men learn a parable of the period, that all error, physical, moral, or religious, will fall before Truth demonstrated, even as dry leaves fall to enrich the soil for fruitage." Miscellaneous Writings, p. 251.

If we faithfully apply the teachings of Christian Science, we will have both immediate and long-range results. Our trials will ultimately enrich us. While the application of Christian Science often produces instantaneous, complete healing, some experiences begin with inward reformation.

May 2, 1983

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