True satisfaction

Do we sometimes fall into the "if only" trap? "If only I had a better job, I would be happy" or "If only we could move to a more convenient neighborhood, I would be content." The list seems almost endless if we are viewing existence from a materialistic standpoint. Certainly most of us would have to admit to having wanted something very much, only to find that once we had it we found it taking second place in relation to a new want. This may happen, until we learn where true satisfaction comes from.

As long as we look for happiness in a person, place, or thing, we are bound to run into disappointment. Instead, we need to look toward the source of never-ending good, unlimited joy, and endless supply. There is only one source fitting that description: the one creator of all—that is, God, Spirit.

No accidents in God's presence
October 4, 1982

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