"I am not of this world"

[Original in Spanish]

Probably many of us ask ourselves, What or who am I? This question is difficult to answer, especially if only the human personality is considered. If, on the other hand, we go deeply into the subject, searching for something more than can be perceived through the physical senses, we will be able to discover the one true identity of man. To do this we must turn to the authority of the Bible, where one reads that man is made by God, spiritually (see Gen. 1:26 and 27). In other words, our real being is formed by Spirit and is therefore an emanation of divine Spirit.

As we become aware of our spiritual origin, we discover our unity with God. This state of consciousness is not achieved solely through the intellect. Dedication, inspiration, and revelation are part of it. The light of Truth acts on individual thought, leading from the darkness of the mortal view to the brightness of understanding—that is, to the spiritual facts.

You and I—as God's own
August 24, 1981

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